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Our Favorite Sun-Grown Articles

As the popularity of cannabis continues to rise, many enthusiasts are seeking to understand and appreciate the benefits of sun-grown cannabis. Embracing the natural power of the sun is the traditional cultivation method. Growing in the sun and soil offers unique advantages that enthusiasts and cultivators alike can't ignore. In this blog post, we present our top picks for articles that shed light on the wonders of sun-grown cannabis and why it's gaining more momentum in the cannabis community.

1.) The Big Grow Debate: Which Is Better, Indoor or Outdoor Pot?

"...indoor cannabis cultivation releases 3,000 pounds of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere per every pound of cannabis produced."


Learn about the age-old debate between sun-grown and indoor-grown cannabis in this insightful article by High Times. Discover the pros and cons of each cultivation method, ranging from environmental impact to flavor profiles. Gain a deeper understanding of why sun-grown cannabis is increasingly embraced for its sustainable approach and authentic characteristics.

2.) The Benefits Of Sun-Grown Cannabis: Here’s Why It’s Better Than Indoor

"There is nothing like enjoying the outdoors under the warmth of the sun. Why should it be any different for plants? This is what sets sun-grown cannabis apart from indoor cultivated buds."


Dive into the world where sun-grown cannabis is best with this article from Herb. Learn why sun grown is better for you and the planet as this piece offers a holistic perspective on how science and nature unite in sun-grown cannabis cultivation.


3.) Why Today's Sun Grown Cannabis is Better than Ever

"One of the biggest reasons many cannabis enthusiasts prefer sun grown is because it leaves a lighter carbon footprint, making it substantially better for the environment than indoor flower that utilizes immense amounts of electricity. But there are other reasons to choose sun grown cannabis."


Discover why it's up to the consumers for supporting sustainable sun growers. This post explores the history of why growing indoors became the only option and how sun grown is making a huge comeback!

4.) Sustainable Benefits of Sun Grown Cannabis

"Sun grown cannabis gets a less-than-stellar reputation because large-scale bulk cultivation makes up the majority of the category and dilutes the fact that high quality and high potency cannabis can and does grow under the sun."


Step into the realm of sustainable farming practices as this article delves into the ecological advantages of sun-grown cannabis. Learn how sun cultivation reduces energy consumption, minimizes carbon emissions, and preserves local ecosystems. Explore how your cannabis choices can contribute to a greener future.

5.) Why Sun-Grown Cannabis Has More Terpenes: A Closer Look at the Benefits of Natural Cultivation

"Higher terpene concentrations contribute to more potent and diverse flavor and aroma profiles, providing a more enjoyable sensory experience for users."


This post from Jessi Cox goes into detail about the benefits of more terpene production from sun grown cannabis. Terpenes are what influence flavor, potency, and smell for cannabis plants so it's important to be educated about them as a consumer.


Growing weed just using the good ol' sun and letting Mother Nature do her thing is our favorite way. No fancy grow lights, high-energy bills, or extreme carbon emissions. Just happy plants chilling in the sun, soaking up those rays. When you smoke sun grown, you’re tasting the essence of where it was grown. There's something special about knowing your weed was raised by the sun, dancing with the wind, and rooted in natural soil. Bottom line? Sun-grown cannabis is more than just growing plants. It's about vibing with nature, being eco-friendly, and enjoying some seriously good green. We hope these articles were educational and helpful for your journey as a consumer. We will continue to add any more of our favorite articles!

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