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 No.9 Collection’s mission is to encourage more environmentally friendly growing practices and share the understanding of improved terpenes from plants grown in real soil under the sun. It’s important that environmentally conscious consumers understand they have a choice when buying cannabis. By purchasing cannabis grown outdoors or products made with cannabis grown outdoors, they’re significantly reducing their carbon footprint compared to indoor-grown products.
Regardless of what lighting manufacturers tell you, there’s no substitute for the amazing full-spectrum light that the sun provides. No artificial plant media injected with synthetic fertilizers in a cleanroom will ever compare to healthy soil with diverse micro-organisms. This all becomes apparent when you care about terpenes and are interested in flavor as much as THC content


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The premier, all-natural, sun-grown brand in Massachusetts

No.9 Collection is committed to growing in an environmentally conscious manner. By growing outdoors, we’re saving over 97.000 kWh of electricity. That’s the equivalent of over 75,000 lbs. of coal burned every year.


Our licensed, 14+ acre cultivation is based in the agriculture-rich community of Wareham, MA, along Buzzards Bay. The bay’s unique microclimate provides a longer growing season and the perfect setting for the cultivation of high-quality, sun-grown crops.

No.9 is a Brand of Coastal Cultivars

With over 20 years combined experience in the licensed cannabis industry, the No.9 Collection team brings together extensive local and national expertise to produce its fine sun-grown cannabis in the state’s South Coast region.


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