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Our 2023 Genetic Line-Up

At the No.9 Collection, we're thrilled to introduce a groundbreaking lineup of cannabis genetics for 2023. Our commitment to excellence in cultivation mirrors the traditional values of farming, where the outcome of our harvest is a testament to both skill and dedication.


Before we dive into our line-up for 2023, we want to give a huge shoutout to our team at the farm. Our growing methods that allow us to cultivate these strains in the great outdoors are derived from what the earth provides, which can be unpredictable and tough to navigate. 


Here is a look at our field, filled with happy and healthy plants from this past summer: 

D1BF5634-FCA1-4AFB-A7DC-6E238E63CDE2 2.JPG

Our tried-and-true favorites are the familiar strains that have become synonymous with No.9 pre-rolls, especially our well-known Doob CubeThese include Raspberry Parfait, Early Lemon Berry, Purple Apricot, and Cookies n' Cream. These classics, carefully nurtured and perfected over time, continue to be the backbone of our collection.


Along with these well known strains, this season we wanted to mix things up and add more variety to our lineup. We're rolling out an exciting array of new cultivars that are sure to elevate your cannabis experience. Our new strains include Pineapple Express, Sundae Driver, Jelly Donut, Bruce Banner, Blue Cookies, LA Kush Cake, Katsu Bubba Kush, and Chem Cookies. Each strain is a carefully crafted blend of genetics, ensuring a unique and unforgettable journey for enthusiasts and beginners alike.


Let’s get into some detail on a few of our 2023 strains!


Bruce Banner

Genetics: Dark Horse Genetics


Fast-Hitting, Powerful, Balanced

Strawberry | Diesel | Tea

Creative, Euphoric, Energetic


Sundae Driver

Genetics: Cannarado


Balanced, Calm, Happy and Giggly

Grape | Vanilla | Berries

Sweet, Mellow and Creamy Flavor


Pineapple Express

Genetics: G13 Genetics


Powerful, Relaxing Sensation, Balanced

Hint of Lime | Lemon | Fruity

Intense Cerebral High


Jelly Donut

Genetics: Humboldt


Sweet Candy and Fuel Terpenes

Pink Cotton Candy | Caramel

Energizing | Upbeat


Chem Cookies

Genetics: Divine Genetics


Tingly, Relaxed, Uplifted

Pungent | Sweet | Gassy | Spicy

Tangy and Potent


LA Kush Cake

Genetics: Seed Junky


Dreamy, Calm, Relaxed

Mint | Vanilla | Pepper

Smooth Smoke, Tingly Sensation


Purple Apricot

Genetics: Compound Genetics


Relaxed and Euphoric

Sweet Apricot | Juicy Citrus

Pungent, Citrusy Aroma with Fruity Undertones and a Lighter, Relaxing Onset


Raspberry Parfait

Genetics: Humboldt


Sweet and Mind-Expanding

Raspberries | Vanilla Yogurt

Unique Terpene Profile and Effects


Cookies N' Cream

Genetics: Exotic Genetix


Calming and Happy

Vanilla Ice Cream | Chocolate Chip Cookie

Sweet Tasting | Cannabis Cup Winner


Early Lemon Berry

Genetics: Ethos


Relaxing and Euphoric

Ripe Sweet Lemons | Orange | Grapefruit

Sugary Sweet Berries

Our genetics are the foundation of our dedication to quality. From the mothers, to clones, to the soil in our field, we make sure our plants are receiving the highest quality of life and are grown the way cannabis should be. Our team takes extreme pride in showcasing the vibrant hues, distinct aromas, and terpene profiles of our cannabis plants. Our environmentally friendly growing methods are a testament to our enduring commitment to sustainability. 


As we introduce these new cultivars to the market, we invite you to join us in this elevated cannabis experience. Explore the flavors, the complexity of aromas, and the diverse effects that each strain brings to the table. The No.9 Collection’s 2023 genetics represent not just a harvest but a celebration of innovation, tradition, and a passion for cultivating the finest cannabis. We invite you to try out our signature Doob Cube and our exciting new products coming in 2024!

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