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Published 5/3/23

No.9 Collection Blog

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Growing cannabis outdoors has many benefits. This makes growing outside a preferred choice for many cultivators, including us!  Unlike indoor cultivation, outdoor growing is energy-efficient and eco-friendly, as it relies on natural sunlight. It also produces a superior product that is more potent and flavorful than indoor-grown cannabis (especially in our opinion.)


According to a study published in the Journal of Energy Policy, indoor cannabis cultivation accounts for 1% of the nation’s total energy supply, which is equal to the power consumption of two million average homes and valued at $5 billion a year. This is a significant amount of energy, and it has a big impact on the environment. By contrast, outdoor cultivation relies on natural sunlight and reduces energy consumption, making it the greener option.


At No.9,  we use artesian well water, natural sunlight, Coast of Maine Soil, and organic farming practices. By growing outdoors, we’re saving over 97.000 kWh of electricity. That’s the equivalent of over 75,000 lbs of coal burned every year.


Not only is outdoor cannabis more environmentally friendly, but it's also the better choice for smoking. Indoor growers often rely on synthetic fertilizers and pesticides to keep pests at bay in their enclosed environments, while outdoor cannabis tends to be more natural and pesticide-free. This means that outdoor cannabis is not only more environmentally friendly, but also healthier for consumers.

Our licensed, 14+ acre cultivation is based in the agriculture-rich community of Wareham, MA, along Buzzards Bay. The bay’s unique microclimate provides a longer growing season and the perfect setting for the cultivation of high-quality, sun-grown crops.


Sun-grown cannabis is known to be more potent and flavorful than indoor-grown cannabis. A study by a Washington State-certified lab found that sun-grown cannabis had at least 1% higher THC levels than indoor-grown cannabis. The sun's natural light spectrum also produces more cannabinoids and terpenes, which gives outdoor cannabis a more complex and satisfying flavor profile.


Our fruity sativas like Raspberry Parfait, Hella Jelly and Early Lemon Berry are distinct, strong and have extremely tasty flavor profiles. You’ll taste the difference after trying sun-grown weed. As one expert puts it, "When it comes to flavor and potency, sun-grown cannabis is simply better." 


So, if you're looking to cultivate, or consume high-quality cannabis that’s both environmentally friendly and full of flavor, outdoor grows are the way to go.




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