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Our 2023 Holiday Gift Guide

Not sure what to get your loved one this holiday season? No.9 is here to help! For our beloved returning customers, keep on scrolling to the gift guide! We're so glad you're back.


For people who are new here, welcome! Take a moment to click around the site. If you aren't familiar with our growing process, check out our Learn page for more info. To look through our product selection, check out our No.9 Products page. For details about our 2023 Harvest, check out our last blog post, Happy Harvest.

Give the gift of local, sun-grown cannabis to your loved ones. Smoke on some sunshine while savoring the fact that No.9 operates as a sustainable, eco-friendly brand. 


The No. 9 Single 0.5g Joints are the ultimate first time toker product. These small J's offer a sample of the cannabis experience to new users. All three products are the perfect stocking stuffers!

The 1g Joints and 2 Pack 0.5g Joints are also excellent for a quick smoke on the go or for sharing with a loved one. 

Do you have a loved one that always wants a little bit of everything? The No.9 5 Pack is perfect for those who want complete variety. 5 full gram joints, 5 different strains, in a small and sleek box made to go anywhere. An awesome sample of 5 of our sun-grown strains. 


For the experienced (and frequent) stoner, the Doob Cube is the perfect gift. Available in a half ounce, 14 1g Joints, 4 different strains. Experience variety and quantity in this eco-friendly reusable cube.


Bring on the pre-rolls! With 28 full gram pre-rolls, our Doob Cube Max will keep your loved ones stocked up for days. With 4 different strains, there's variety you won't get in any other product. 

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